"MUSIC of Detroit IN THE HOMES of Detroit"

The goal of Coming Home to Music is To create an intimate yet profoundly engaging musical experience, by launching a series of small concerts rotating through Detroit homes.

About Coming Home to Music

Coming Home to Music is a not-for-profit house concert series whose goal is to launch a series of small concerts featuring a variety of musical performers rotating through Detroit homes. A concert in a home strips away the impersonal and allows musicians, attendees and homeowners an opportunity to enjoy a genuine interaction. It creates an intimate yet profoundly engaging musical experience that no other concert venue can provide.

Coming Home to Music was selected in 2013 as a Knight Arts Challenge grant award winner that would “engage and enrich the community through the arts.” Coming Home to Music is one of only 56 projects to be awarded a prestigious Knight Arts Challenge matching grant in Detroit – out of 1,400 applicants! Knight Foundation leaders said CHTM fit its profile of a project that would benefit the city of Detroit. They saw the potential of a small project yielding big results.

What is a House Concert?

A house concert is just as it sounds -a concert in a house. Long before there were concert halls, people were enjoying live music in private homes.

From chamber music of the 16th century to bluegrass and jazz of later years, the most traditional musical performances were in small, intimate spaces.

In recent years, this type of musical performance has become known as a house concert, and the trend has been gaining exponentially in popularity.

A house concert brings musicians and music lovers together in a way no club, theater or auditorium can – all in the comfort of home!

Coming Home to Music is bringing that experience to the people of the Detroit area.


To learn more about house concerts, we recommend checking out this great site: www.concertsinyourhome.com

And for the best “how to” on hosting a house concert, this House Concert Guide is an excellent resource.





Please consider how you can support the Coming Home to Music Concert Series as it strives to enrich the city of Detroit through these unique, engaging musical experiences.

Here’s the Catch – Coming Home to Music must raise $8,000 by September, 2014 to receive the matching grant!

We are on our way, but could use your help. Please consider how you could play a part in this musical experience!